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Our clients
We provide the medical and rehabilitation assistance to the
following categories of persons:

Victims of torture and / or ill-treatment in law enforcement,

Victims of torture and / or ill-treatment in the army,

Persons who have suffered torture and / or ill-treatment in
institutions with limited access,

Victims of totalitarian regimes,

Victims of political repression,

Refugees and asylum seekers,

Temporarily displaced persons, which suffered persecution,
torture and / or ill-treatment ("refugees" from the Crimea and
Eastern regions of Ukraine).

As rule the medical aid may be rendered to families of above
mentioned persons too.

If you believe that you are our potential client, please contact us
and we will do our best to help you.

The decision whether include certain person to the list of patients
or not is to be made by authorized IRC official.

Please note, it is necessary to contact us by the phone before
visiting our office.

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