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Як досягти балансу дотримання прав людини з урахуванням умов реального військового стану
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Поточний проект: підтримка жертв націонал-соціалізму
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Як нас знайти
Ви можете зв’язатися з нами за телефоном, написати листа або приїхати до Центру.
Тортури і вбивства мирного населення
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Допомога людям, що пережили тортури і жорстоке поводження
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Біженцям і шукачам притулку
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Як правильно документувати випадки тортур (підручник)
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Допомога людям літнього віку в умовах воєнного часу
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Важлива інформація
на час війни

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Як побороти тривожність під час війни. Поради психологів
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Де я був ці 8 років.

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A notable event in the life of the MRC was the photo exhibition "How young we were ...", organized as part of the club "Leisure", and which continues its exhibition to this day. The idea to create an exhibition came unexpectedly after meeting with one of our clients. One day she came to the Center for a consultation and brought old, carefully preserved photos in a shabby album.

Carefully turning the pages, we enchantedly looked at old photos - small black and white cards, asked who is depicted on them and when the photo was taken. The old woman answered all our questions briskly, and turning the last page, she said sadly: "Except for me, there is no one to look at them…". This revelation touched us. We invited her to leave the album for a while so that all the staff of the center could get acquainted with it, and only then, in fact, we decided to organize an exhibition. And the work boiled over…

Many clients were invited to view their old photo albums and submit the most interesting ones to the exhibition. About thirty of them responded to our request. They brought to the exhibition their most beautiful and most valuable cards. There were many clients at the opening of the exhibition. A month later, everyone who visited the Center admired the exhibition.
In our opinion, the main thing was not the opening of the exhibition, but the process of preparation, viewing and selection of photographs. This greatly contributed to the rapprochement of project participants, the creation of new contacts. Looking at the photos, they remembered themselves as young, their friends, relatives and friends, funny and sad stories of their lives. Everyone talked about childhood or adolescence, about victories and losses, and seemed to return there, to the past, years later. These were exciting, unforgettable moments… A month after the opening of the exhibition, it turned out that there were people who would also like to introduce us to their albums, and we continued to select photos. Photographs are rotated periodically, and the exhibition continues to this day.
Ніколи не сумнівайтеся у тому, що жменька небайдужих людей  може змінити світ. Насправді, досі тільки вони це і робили.
Марѓарет Мід